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End-to-End Design for new restaurant recommendation app, NomSpot, that is currently in development.




User Persona



Research was extremely important to this project because of the nuanced decision making that goes in to choosing a restaurant.

Research goals included:

  • Identify competitors and opportunities in the marketplace.

  • Explore how users currently research and decide on a restaurant while identifying pain points. 

  • Identify key features to drive up monthly active users which will create opportunities for monetization within the app.

Competitive Analysis, Interviews, and Concept Testing were utilized for this project.

Persona #4.png

Based on the research findings, the stakeholders decided to change the focus of the app from a tool for decision making to a restaurant recommendation engine.

Several subjects mentioned that they distrust Yelp reviews because they typically don’t know the reviewer or their intentions when posting a review. This is a huge opportunity for NomSpot to shift the focus of reviews inward for personal use.

Users are incentivized to leave honest feedback because it improves future performance of the system for themselves or for any users that trust them.

Having this honest feedback could present opportunities to monetize the anonymized data.


With knowledge of the goals of NomSpot from the research findings, I worked with the stakeholders to define the minimum viable product for the first version of the app.

The main challenge with this stage was in making the app forward thinking enough that the company can add social aspects in to the next version.



Wireframes for the main user flows were sketched out on paper before moving on to the Sketch App for a mid-fidelity wireframe. 

Using the wireframes, concept testing was performed on the restaurant selection flow to identify opportunities for improvement.






In NomSpot, the stakeholders wanted to create a fun and lighthearted brand.

A rich yellow was chosen because it evokes feelings of happiness and friendliness, while also encouraging communication and building confidence. Since yellow can be overpowering, it was a conscious decision to use it sparingly with a neutral color palette. 

I chose to use the Material design guidelines in order to create a seamless experience on both iOS and Android devices. 

The logo combines a location spot with a smiling semi circle, with a subtle implication that the circle is a dinner plate.


High Res Designs


This app exemplifies how research can inform not just the design, but also the overall business goals.

The decision to pivot the app was challenging in the limited time frame of this project but ultimately created a product that will better serve it’s users.


In the near future, I will be working with the developers to:

  • Add social integration

  • Design animations for the app to further build out the brand message, for example creating a version of the logo that licks its lips when a restaurant is found

  • Research effective starting presets for the restaurant discovery process 

  • Build out the review process, creating an easy and fun way to entice users to provide rich, accurate data.

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