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Improved the primary goal and task flow for two sided horse marketplace to increase job booking conversion rates.








User Personas


Journey Map

My main goals of research were to understand the needs of horse owners and to identify key opportunities for the product from the perspective of horse owners and horse professionals.

Research goals included:

  • Develop an understanding of the problem space

  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the current job booking system

  • Identify opportunities to increase the conversion rate of job requests to paid jobs.

During the research phase, I completed a survey of horse owners, an expert interview, and interviews with users.

The survey provided rich demographic data that was useful for my designs, as well as for the business team. 

Utilizing the MaxDiff question type was extremely helpful so that I could learn what factors are most and least important to horse owners when working with a horse professional.

Another key insight from the survey was that 50% of the participants consider themselves both a horse service provider and a horse owner. This creates a constraint that my design be flexible enough to accommodate profiles that participate in both sides of the marketplace.

Throughout my interviews, I learned about the intricacies of horse ownership and working with horses. In order to keep those details at the forefront of my designs, I created an affinity diagram that I referenced throughout the rest of the design process.

I created user personas to represent the key demographics found in the survey.

Each persona has quirks and personality traits that make them unique, which provided a multitude of insights and inspiration later on in the project. 

Laura and Stephanie are both horse owners, but Laura is a new horse owner while Stephanie is an experienced competitive rider. 

Bill and Cindy are both horse pros, but Bill has an established and profitable business while Cindy is just starting out. 

I then made a journey map for Cindy, one of the horse pro personas, to help identify her needs and pain points.



A unique challenge that I faced with this project was that each screen needs to be utilized by users on both sides of the marketplace.

To make sure I was doing this effectively, I created separate job booking flow for the owner and the pro which kept me on track as I began drawing out the wireframes.

In the future, I’ll be adding the following tasks to the flow: cancellation, edit, no review, when review is posted.



Messaging Platform

After sketching a few layout options on paper, I moved to Whimsical to create my wireframes. This allowed me to quickly create a medium fidelity prototype that will allow me to complete user testing before finalizing the designs.

I created wireframes that show the user flow from both the service provider and the owners sides of the job booking. To differentiate actions between the two roles, I created different CTA colors and unique identifier icons for each.

I chose to integrate the messaging platform and the invoicing system because it allows users to complete the job booking task more efficiently. However, this presented a challenge to display a lot of information in a way that doesn’t overwhelm the user. I handled this by using collapsible tabs in the right hand column.


Inbox View

During my research, I learned that strong communication skills from a horse pro are highly valued by horse owners, so I created a messaging platform to help horse pros quickly filter and identify which messages they need to attend to.

MBH - Inbox Screen - Service Provider's Perspective.png


When presenting my designs to the client, I created an example of how the wireframes would look when implemented with their pre-existing branding.

Messaging Screen


Inbox - viewing as a Service Provider (Pro)

Next Steps

In the near future, I will be:

  • Completing usability testing

  • Designing tablet and mobile versions of this design

  • Building out the additional flows previously mentioned

  • Beginning a new round of research in order to optimize the profile page and discovery process.


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