Modern Adventure Co.

Responsive E-Commerce Site | Brand Identity


Modern Adventure Co. is a startup with the goal of creating travel guides designed for millennials. 


Product Designer


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Research supported brand identity and responsive e-commerce site for travel company.

Working with a lightning speed turnaround, I created a brand identity and a responsive e-commerce site to bring Modern Adventure Co. to life for new business owners.

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Research was integral to this project in order to make Modern Adventure Co. stand out in a noisy market.

Research goals included:

  • how users plan travels, general budgets, and pain points.

  • define what “adventure” means to target market.

  • identify which types of trips target market is interested in to aid content creation.

Surveys, interviews, and card sorting were utilized on this project. 

Through the research phase, it was discovered that trusted sources were the main inspiration for users planning trips. 

  • Budgets and time off work were limiting factors for a large percentage of users and a lack of quality information available made the planning stage difficult.

  • Flexible trips are integral to users to assist in getting the most out of each trip, while users believe the flexibility leads to exciting experiences and adventures.

  • With this information, a strategy centered around high quality + flexible guides, sorted by adventure types and location, was made. It also determined the strategy for a website with concise and clear information, that showcases the simple to use guidebooks, available at a budget friendly price.



Throughout user research, it was discovered that current travel planning websites are overwhelming, making an efficient user flow extremely important to this product.



Wireframes were created by utilizing the research findings and user flows in order to find a design that highlights the company’s value propositions of their unique travel guidebooks.



Using nature, and specifically a sunset behind the mountains as inspiration, I created the company brand.


VIew prototype

Once the website is live, I plan to perform A/B testing on different product page layouts as I have invested a significant amount of time on best practices and there are a few alternative options that the company could benefit from that will only be discovered through additional UX research.

The tight timeline meant prioritizing features and design choices, because of this adding breadcrumbs to help users navigate the website more efficiently is high on my priority list as the company continues to grow.

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