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I’ve been telling stories & using art as a way to understand the world as far back as I can remember. As a child, I learned my way around a darkroom and fell in love with the process of creating a photo from the concept through to hanging the photo up to dry and turning on the light.

During my time as a business owner, both as a photographer and an online boutique owner, I blended the skills I learned from my accounting degree with my creative side. And now, with Product Design, I’ve found a satisfying outlet for the skills that I have developed over the past twelve years.

Through photography, I learned to see a project from it’s concept creation all the way to the final product, while doing so in a collaborative manner.

Curating an online store also taught me the importance of creating products that are accessible to everyone, which is something that I’m passionate about as a designer.

The biggest lesson that I’ve learned through both of my past businesses is that I understand that not every user is the same and research is very important in order to create a good product for happy customers while also running a profitable business.

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If you need me on the weekend, you can probably find me at a taco truck around town with a Topo Chico in hand.


Every weekday, I love to spend time at the gym getting nerdy about the technical side of weightlifting.


And in my free time, it’s a safe bet that I’m researching tips on how to keep my beloved plants alive.