“May all your days be gold my child.” | Dallas Boudoir Photographer

Hey hey my loves, I am so excited to share these with you today because they are some of my favorite boudoir pics I’ve done to date. When I show up to someone’s house for a boudoir session, I take a look around inside & outside. When I saw this beautiful spot in this gorgeous lady’s back yard, I fell in love. THEN it got even better when she told me that this is where her fiance PROPOSED! How flippin’ awesome is that? <3 Ok, I’ll be short today. On to the pictures. :)



Don’t forget – the boudoir marathon in Tulsa is THIS weekend. There is still a spot available and it’s your turn to splurge on yourself. Think of it as an early Christmas present or some time to relax before the holiday rush! Email me (whitley@whitleypollet.com) to book your session. – whit

“You Feel It All Around Yourself” | Dallas Boudoir Photography

Wow, I can’t believe I haven’t shared these on the blog yet! I have a few shoots in the queue & waiting on several rolls of film to get developed that I get to share with you also. ;) Looking forward to sharing the latest with you, but in the mean time… I get to share this beautiful session with you. I shot these at her home which is something I love to do in case you were wondering about having a session done in your home.

I have been busy busy busy, but I’m looking forward to keeping up with you guys again! Have you been considering a session for yourself & aren’t sure if you should or want to wait until ____ happens or you lose those last 5 pounds? Email or call me! You shouldn’t wait! My Reading, PA & Tulsa, OK boudoir sessions are booking up quickly and now is the perfect time to gift yourself (& your significant other) with the holidays coming up. *Side note – I also offer glamour sessions that include a makeover & a full photo shoot that doesn’t reveal as much as a boudoir session if you aren’t comfortable with a boudie sesh yet!)

Enough talking – on to the pics!



boudoir pictures shot in tulsa at home