“I’m Thinking Of You Dear” | Dallas Boudoir Pictures

On Wednesday I talked about not wearing lingerie for your session… Today, I have an example of combining lingerie with a button up. This is one of my favorite looks & there’s a lot of fun stuff we can do to add to your album. It’s basically 2 looks in 1. ; )

On Friday I’m going to share the before and after from this session, but if you’ve Liked me on Facebook then you saw that picture last week when the fabulous makeup artist, Alicia Caterisano, posted it!

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“Remember, Remember” | Dallas Boudoir Photographer

One of my most common questions during pre consultations is “Do I have to wear lingerie? I don’t really wear it now & my boyfriend/fiancé/husband doesn’t care about it either.” And I always have the same answer… NO! You definitely do not have to wear lingerie. Although, I  will say  – it’s fun to try something new and daring (because if you are gonna be brave enough to get in front of a camera nearly naked, then you might as well really go for it!) But – there are a lot of ways to show your sexy side that doesn’t involve lingerie.

Today I’m sharing one of my favorite ways – a sweater. Who would think a loose, baggy sweater could be sexy?? Just take a look at these pictures and you’ll see what I mean.



Have you ever felt like you couldn’t do a boudoir session because you don’t like lingerie? Think again! I help you with plenty of wardrobe coaching before your session so that your sessions really show who the real YOU is. I don’t want you to end up with a fantasy version of you – you are gorgeous already, you don’t need to be someone else!

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“When I Thought About Home” | Texas Boudoir + Dallas Cowboys + Boots = Sexy

I *love* when clients take my advice. So many women want to include meaningful things from their relationship with their boyfriend or hubby, like a football team. Which normally means – a huge jersey…

Let’s just say, that’s not the most flattering thing to wear when you are going for a sexy look. Not saying that I’m unable to work with that, because I have and will. I just love this fun take on a football team set.

The shirt is from Victoria’s Secret Pink collection & is fun and cheeky while still representing our Dallas Cowboys.

Would you consider something besides a football jersey for 1 of your set ups? This is a great part of doing a boudoir session with me – we have plenty of 1 on 1s so I can help you come up with outfit ideas that you might not have thought of on your own.



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Thanks to Alicia Caterisano for the beautiful job on Hair & Makeup!

“Can I Stay? Here With You” | North Dallas Boudoir Pictures

As promised, I am sharing a couple more pics from this gorgeous lady’s session. I am in love with her shoes… If only I could walk in heels. ;)

The title for today’s post is from one of my favorite songs of all time – Can I Stay by Ray LaMontagne. Do you like Ray LaMontagne??? I would love to hear your favorite song of his.



Dallas Boudoir Pictures

Dallas Boudoir Pictures

Beautiful Makeup & Some Stairs

Remember that gorgeous lady that I posted about last week? Well she’s back today. I just LOVE this black and white & the close ups show her stunning makeup.

Have a great week!