“Live If You Really Want To” | Dallas Boudoir

“Live If You Really Want To” | Dallas Boudoir

Hey my loves, I apologize for not getting a post up on Monday. I am getting over a virus or something and today is the first day I wasn’t in a fog this week. And now back to beautiful things :)

I heard the song Live Your Life by Yuna today for the first time and am so in love with it. Yuna’s lyrics really speak to me as I have recently launched my boudoir business and am feeling so lucky to be doing something that I love. Hearing this song also comes at a time when my husband and I are making big plans and finding our place in this beautiful world. (Sorry to the the moms and my lovely grandma, we aren’t talking about babies yet ;) )

All my life
My dreams just seemed so far away
And now it’s like they’re here to stay
I’ll hold them close to me

We’re meant for something bigger than this
Don’t ever try to dismiss yourself
Cause you don’t have to

Find your life
Don’t hide from what you are
And rise before you fall
And hope for something more

Live if you really want to

On to the pictures for the day… I am so jealous of her rockin’ arms. Everytime I see these pictures I feel the need to go do some pull ups or something. I loved her makeup by Kismat Kreations by Shally and definitely proves that professional make up *makes* a boudoir picture. (I tried to say make as many times as possible in one sentence… I did pretty well, hehe.)

See you Friday!



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  1. Ashley · April 30, 2012 Reply

    check those lashes!! Wow!

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