“For Forever, Forever And A Day” | Dallas Boudoir

“For Forever, Forever And A Day” | Dallas Boudoir

Hey!! Yikes, I was doing so well at sharing pictures with you every Monday, Wednesday, Friday these past few weeks… Well, I’m back! :) I promise! Pictures today and next week as well!!

This is from one of the first shoots I shared with you. I always have a blast when I’m working with this lovely lady. How can I not? She has awesome style, beautiful hair, amazing tattoos, and her apartment is decorated so cute. She knows who she is and rocks it in every aspect of her life. Bad ass. That’s what she is. :)

So, I feel like I have to explain, this picture was underexposed. Big time. Ya know what though, I kinda like it. Ok, I more than kinda like it, I like it a lot. Film somehow manages to give your images that extra “mmph” that makes them so dreamy and lovely, even when things aren’t perfect.

I’ve got a few more to share from this session, but if you want to see what I’ve already shared, click here and here.

Have a great weekend!




  1. Jordan · April 28, 2012 Reply

    This is my favorite!

  2. Ashley · April 30, 2012 Reply

    um, holy moly!! I need to keep up with your blog. LOVE IT!!

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